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Top 5 Structural Changes During Pregnancy

Top 5 structural changes during pregnancy

  1. Relaxin hormone circulates through the blood, preparing the pelvis to relax for labor. This hormone causes increased mobility and less stability throughout the joints in the body. It can aggravate previous joint injuries and amplify pelvic imbalance.

  1. Pelvic misalignment can alter the pelvic opening and creates tension in the soft tissues which surround the uterus. Torsion of the uterus can make it more difficult for baby to be in the optimal position for delivery.

  1. As your abdomen grows your center of gravity changes. This new posture often causes strain in the mid to upper back, increases the curve in your lower back and puts extra strain through the spinal joints which can cause pain.

  1. A growing baby and increased fetal movement puts pressure on the lower rib cage which can cause pain and inflammation at the joints.

  1. As your pelvis changes, your normal gait will also change. Often times, your stance will become wider and your joint mobility will change. This new position of the pelvis can be aggravating to the pelvic joints, hip joints, sciatic nerves and supporting ligaments.

Why Chiropractic during pregnancy?

Doctors of Chiropractic have specialized training in detecting and treating spinal and pelvic misalignment

or restrictions. When the joints are balanced and moving properly, inflammation and muscle spasming is reduced, meaning less pain and more living for you! Chiropractic care during pregnancy is gentle and low risk. Your chiropractor will modify their technique to deliver the most comfortable and appropriate adjustment for your stage of pregnancy. Women who participate in chiropractic care during pregnancy report less back pain during pregnancy, less back labor, reduced need for pain medication, shorter labor time, faster recovery, easier breast feeding experiences and more!

Other important wellness measures to take during pregnancy include a healthy diet with adequate supplementation for vitamins, minerals and fish oil. Prenatal yoga and massage are also great for maintaining a thriving body during this time. Remember to stay hydrated, too! Your baby depends on you for their health needs.

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