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Why House Calls?

Why House Calls?

I love being a Chiropractor. I love being in the health care field, I really do. But I don’t love what the health care world is becoming in many cases. When I decided to become a chiropractor, I knew in my heart it was right for me. I grew up going to a chiropractor. In fact, my mother would take us to the chiropractor first if we were sick or injured. If the chiropractor couldn't help us, then we would go to the pediatrician. I remember my experience always being positive. I knew my chiropractor cared and longed to help me feel better. She spent time with me, offered tips and suggestions for boosting my immune system, asked about how school and sports were going. She really knew me. So when the thought of becoming a chiropractor crossed my mind it was an instant YES! That's it! I can help people, really help them. I can teach them about healthy lifestyles, we can't discuss nutrition, exercise programs and ergonomics. I can adjust their spine, allowing their nervous system to function efficiently, free from interference and I will know my patients, all of them. I’ll know their likes and dislikes, their passions and their families. Going to work will never feel like going to work.

So I did it. 8 years of college, endless exams, research projects, reports, 5 rounds of national boards in addition to state boards and a hefty college bill. Finally! I. WAS. READY. Ready to serve and promote health. To be fulfilled in my career and in my life.

I was so lucky to land my dream job right out of school. A large practice, with multiple doctors and lots of patients. I learned so much. I grew in my adjusting skills, my nutritional knowledge, confidence and learned more about who I wanted to be as a chiropractor. I also learned what may not be for me. A large practice offers many things, to many people. Unfortunately, doctors are dictated by insurance companies who choose to reimburse less and less each year. This fact in itself causes a doctor to have to see more patients and/or charge more for cash services. Our overhead stays the same, even when the insurance man decides he doesn’t want to pay. So as we get busier, as we serve more patients, as our bills get higher, the business model changes. It has to. No way around it. So who feels the burden of high overhead? The patients, the staff, the doctor. Often times, patients experience long wait times because many people may be scheduled for the “same time”. A doctor has to practice excellent time management skills and pray there are no emergency patients who may require extra time, because there simply is no extra time. Occasionally a doctor feels rushed, trying to just get through all of the appointments that day, just to stay afloat. And our staff is tired. Exhausted really.

I still really love being a chiropractor, but I miss my family. I miss being home for dinner every night and being in my community every day. Surely, there has got to be another way to provide great care to my patients, without all of the headache and stress.

Along came house calls. When I discovered this business model, it hit me hard! With house calls, I can carve out enough time with each patient, ensuring all of their health goals are understood and in progress. I can reduce my patient’s stress by eliminating waiting rooms and traffic. Eliminating the need for child care or the stress of brining a toddler (or 3) to a doctors appointment. I can know my patients! And they can know me. I can see how they live and what other factors may be contributing to their health deficiencies. I can truly customize my care plan and my treatment to each individual patient or family. And lastly, I can treat the whole family in one appointment without interfering with their schedule or increasing stress. Maximized health Minimal hassle.

This is how it SHOULD be! Why did doctors stop doing house calls anyway? Remember the days when your doctor knew you. Remember when your doctor was accessible and could see you for an urgent matter in a reasonable amount of time, instead of weeks later? Remember when health care was about the patient, and not about the bottom line?

My vision is to bring these values back to healthcare. My goal is to build relationships within the community with people who know that I care about their health and that they can trust me. I’ll be reliable and consistent. I want to spend less on my practice and more on my patients. Since I am not confined by the 4 walls of a traditional practice, I don’t have a heavy over head that would require my time be limited with each patient, so I can squeeze in more appointments. I can invest in the value of care I provide and with that, the patient wins!

I love what I do. And I love this business model. I am excited to open my schedule to new patients and to be a part of your journey to health!

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